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Standard Bureau Consultancy is a service of professionals and specialists that assists different corporations and industries in obtaining ISO Certifications in Pakistan in accordance with the terms and regulations of international standards.

Additionally, they offer guidance and training sessions to help various industries set up their operations in accordance with ISO's standards and regulations.


  • Consultancy Services
  • Auditing Services
  • HSE Services
  • Certification Services
  • System Support Services
  • Gap Analysis Services
  • Training Services
  • Internal Auditing Services


Our fundamental objective is to prioritize providing consultancy and Certification services as we are fully knowledgeable and capable to solve your problems with a focus on both traditional and innovative solutions which lead to gaining profits.


With a focus on ongoing changes that contribute to business excellence, Standard Bureau Consultant provides result-oriented consulting, HR services, and certification policies to boost quality. Our purpose is to give the organization the support that it acquires to set and achieve high standards for success. We support organizational efforts, develop talent, and carry out company-wide quality initiatives.


People are what increase an organization's quality, and as part of our job, we make sure that people are growing at all levels. Our purpose is to help businesses achieve their objectives and position to become a long-term leader. The goal is to modify the behavior and attitudes of the employees and management in a noticeable way while, also teaching them the necessary skills to turn their personal and organizational goals into reality.

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+92 300 1899932

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